Update From Us Mountaineers


I'm writing this update from a coffee shop in historic downtown Charles Town. It's quaint and charming; not so different from the historic districts back home. But as people walk in to grab their morning fix, they catch up with people they know- which is everyone. Everyone knows everyone here.

I'm riding solo for most of the day today. It's Michael's first day at his new job and Ry started back at school. I got lost on the way to drop him off this morning. His new school has it's own garden and is surrounded by nature trails for the kids. The schools here are good, which is a relief. We'd worked so hard this past year to get Ry set up in a good school in Jacksonville and get him back on track, and I feared moving would undo all that hard work. I felt anxious walking him to the front office this morning. I worry if he'll make new friends and if he'll enjoy his new school as much as the last. I hope the kids are kind to him during this big transition. 

The weather is beautiful here, though the next few days it will reach the eighties. I believe we may have brought the Florida weather with us. The days are warm but the evenings are cool. My poor cactus has become a little limp from the night chill, and I think I may have to bring it indoors. Lesson learned. Our neighborhood is beautiful. It overlooks the mountains and wide corn fields. There are kids everywhere riding bikes and playing manhunt. Ry walks with me in the evening around our streets, embarrassed when I try to introduce him to the neighborhood kids. They're friendly though and ask if he can play. They leer at Kona with amazement. "She is the biggest dog they've ever seen." 

The cable company has scheduled three imaginary technicians to come set up my cable and internet (you know which company I'm talking about.) No show, after no show. Which is exactly why I'm sitting in this coffee shop. We've been watching the same several DVDs on repeat the last several days. No technology for us. I'm beginning to get a little stir crazy, but I also can't complain too much. My family has been stuck without power for a day now, back in Florida after Irma's pass through. So, at least I have running water to flush my toilets, and cold food in my fridge. 

I'm adjusting. Yesterday I felt a bit melancholy. I miss my friends, my family, and all the relationships I've built back in Jacksonville over the years. But, today's a new day. I think I'll fill my days visiting new places, hitting a few trails, and fitting my house with the many antiques that fill the shops in the area; take a few days off and just connect with this little town. Who knows what joy it could bring me.