Wedding Stationery Decisions with Basic Invites


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I touched base about many of the lesson's I've learned throughout my wedding planning process in one of my latest posts, Eight Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Wedding PlanningI spoke candidly about the many mistakes I've made along the way in hopes of making someone else's life easier if not my own! 

There's this sort of blind area when it comes to wedding planning. You go into things so unsure and uninformed. After all, how many weddings does one have in a lifetime? It can be so incredibly hard to make decisions! There's literally a million-and-one choices out there, so where do you begin? Everyone seems to have an opinion and a recommendation for everything. But no one could seem to tell me anything about stationery!

Stationery was such an important wedding decision for me. I wanted our invitation suite to reflect the aesthetic of our big day, and also our personalities. I searched and searched but found very little that I felt confident purchasing. It felt like every time I found an invitation set I liked, I hit a wall. I either couldn't customize it enough, couldn't preview it, or my selection just cost a fortune! 

When I stumbled on Basic Invites, I instantly felt like all of my stationery worries would disappear. Unlike the majority of the invitation and stationery websites I'd previously looked into, my options were limitless! Not only were there over 200 suite options for me to choose from, but Basic Invite has over 180 color options that you can preview right online! You can decide even when you're like me, and can't decide! 


My favorite part about my experience was the ability to receive sample kits in the mail. With a few simple clicks, and only a few days wait, I received a whole sample package containing so many options that I could now visualize in real life! My sample kit came with five GORGEOUS wedding invitation samples; each varying in size, shape, thickness, and detail. I really got to see just how beautiful their typography, foil, and color options were- and they even sent me sample envelopes! Even better, you can order your own custom samples from Basic Invite and see EXACTLY what your own invitations will look like BEFORE spending all your dollars! No more card swiping and finger crossing!

Overall, I'm so impressed with the quality, affordability, and versatility of Basic Invite's stationery. I can't wait to receive more in the mail from them (I'm talking about those gorgeous wedding guest books) and not worry for one second about what will show up at my door!

I slowly, but surely learned that wedding stationery decisions didn't have to be hard. To check out Basic Invite for yourself, feel free to click here. Or check out some of the incredible invites created every day on their Instagram. And remember to keep them in mind for all your events and stationery needs. 

Happy Planning!

xoxo, Courtney.png