Something Happened.

Something happened just three nights ago.

And when I woke up the next morning, I was sure it was the first day of the rest of my life.

Something happened.

It began with a trip out to Durbin Creek- a little tucked away preserve here in town. It’s a beautiful nature walk that leads right out to the water, and it’s become one of my favorite spots to shoot photos at. I’d loaded up my camera equipment in hopes of snagging some good photos of the boys and me for use in some rather late, uh New Years Cards we’ll call them.

All was fine and dandy until I couldn’t get my shutter release remote working, which meant unless one of us was physically behind the camera- the shot wasn’t happening. In retrospect I wonder if this was the universe’s way of helping Michael.  Ry quickly jumped in asking if HE could be the one to take some photos. I agreed, although weary about the fate of my expensive equipment. Hey, cut me some slack. I’m still working on this whole live and let go thing.

Ry snapped five or six photos of us, before I was ready to jump back behind the camera. But I didn’t. Just as I began walking away, I heard Michael say, “Wait, lets take a few more, but first I need this…”

And just like that something happened.

It was like- in that moment, every beautiful experience, every bout of joy from the past year-and-a-half of my life washed over me.

Just like that I said yes to the rest of my life.

It’s a moment I’ll treasure the remainder of my days. I’ll forever replay Ry’s gasps and ecstatic chants of “Yay! Yay!” in the background. I’ll never stop enjoying this memory I’ll be able to share with them for the rest of my life. Because it’s them I’ll have for the rest of my life.

And so now as I sit here, I recount just how thankful I am to have joined this warm and loving, oh-so-perfect man for lunch one day, in a dinky little Thai restaurant on the other side of town.

Never could I have dreamed that what would happen would be this good.