Me Time & Tee Time with Zany Du Designs

Working from home, while a wee lonely and monotonous at times, has its perks. Take the past two weeks for example. Every single morning for the past two weeks, I've been waking up and delaying my work day to give myself some me time. It's been a total game changer for me.

On a typical day, I wakeup, power on my Mac, brew myself a cup of coffee that I inevitably forget about, and begin my work day. But lately I've been throwing that routine out the window and reaching for one that's been leaving me a whole lot more fulfilled throughout the day. Every day I've been waking up and heading right for the shower. I do my makeup, and get ready for the day- opposed to my normal tendency of waiting until Michael gets home to do something with myself. Then I make myself a cup of coffee and ENJOY it quietly while I update my progress on goals on my app. After I'm finished I do some stretching, make myself a wholesome breakfast, and don't touch a single email until I've finished eating. It's been sooo glorious!


This 'me-time' is EXACTLY what I've been needing and I think it's here to stay! Even just the subtle change of being dressed and put together makes the biggest difference in how I feel about my day, and how productive I am. And I don't even have to get super dressed up! Typically I'm just rocking a cute tee and some yoga pants!

I'm admittedly obsessed with cute tees and tanks that I can easily throw on, like this one from Zany Du Designs! I met the maker, Alexandra at a local arts event I was a part of and have since become hooked on her screen printed tees, which is why you'll probably recognize a few that Ry wears on her website.

(like this cutie:)

I love them so much that I've teamed up with 'Zany Du' to give all of my loyal readers a sweet deal!

Enter the promo code: ZDFAMILY to receive 20% off your purchase. She's got tees for the whole fam, which is equally amazing and dangerous! So head to her website or etsy page and drop a few in your cart!

As for me, I'm off to have some more me time in this super comfy 'Highway Vagabond' Zany Du tank. Cheers!