pregnant: fifteen weeks and counting. still relying on the meds to keep me from puking my brains out everyday. no definite end in sight yet.  heartburn has welcomed it's way into my life early, and the whole world seems to think i'm having a girl. will find out in three weeks!

watching: this is us season 2... because of course? and oh yeah... planet earth II... because apparently i enjoy crying about small animals being hunted.

craving: basically anything that gives me heartburn. oh yeah and sushi, crab legs, velveeta mac and cheese, avocado toast, ugh and the world's tallest glass of malbec... wahhhhh.

drinking: water, water, and more water.... eye roll.

listening: frightened rabbit's 2017 recorded songs release, damien jurado, bears den, keaton henson, and daughter's music from before the storm album.

planning: lots of travel. camping trip beg march, wedding back home mid-march, babymoon in april. oh & to finally get my thank-you notes out from my wedding two months ago. 

wearing: yoga pants religiously, when i’m not spending my days wrapped up in my bath robe. glam, i know. 

feeling: uh, cold. it’s 8 freaking degrees outside.

searching for: a homemade noodle recipe my husband will love and a a part-time nanny  (easier said than done.)

thinking about: how hard it is to name a human, how badly i need a date night with my husband, and mac and cheese.