Four Ways to Beat Stress Before Stress Beats You

The universe is really pulling me lately. My arms are stretched wide and I’m suddenly being pulled in every direction. Honestly, I’m loving it, but I’m also kind of stressed out. But I guess really, who wouldn’t be?

Though I haven’t opened up much about it on the blog yet, I’m like REALLY busy.  On top of my writing and digital content responsibilities for work, I’m also managing a new brand, preparing for a huge site launch, getting product ready for a huge creative entrepreneur event I’m a part of, preparing materials for a large class I’m teaching at the same event, and providing photography services for various clients. And I’m doing all of this while still managing the typical household and parenting duties that granted, aren’t exactly required  of me- but I really enjoy. I’m freaking swamped.

I’ve truly and honestly always really loved being busy.  I’m always on the go- something I’m quite sure I’ve had handed down from my mom, and I can never take a chill pill. Like ever. The problem is often at times, I leave myself overwhelmed. And obviously I DON’T really love THAT. I wanted to share with you guys exactly how I bring myself back to center when it feel’s like my whole world is spinning 100mph.

Give Yourself a Break

If you’ve read my post 25 SIMPLE WAYS TO INCORPORATE SELF-CARE INTO YOUR DAY, you know I’m a big fan of self-care. Sometimes the best way to care for yourself is to take a break, slow down, and tune out the noise.  Shut down the computer. Turn off your cell. Hell, hide in your car on your lunch hour and watch some Netflix if you have to! Do what YOU need to do to get some relief.  A little bit of rest goes a long way!


You? You’re a BADASS and you know it! Take a look in the mirror and give yourself some recognition. You know the one thing that will truly minimize the effects of stress?! The reality that even though life is stressful, YOU’RE KILLIN IT! Instead of focusing on how far behind you are, think about how much you’ve accomplished. And just give yourself some gratitude and a nice pat on the back! Sometimes it’s all you need to keep you far away from a funk.

Reward Yourself

Badasses deserve stuff. So if the funk is nearing, reward yourself! Nothing can help you from feeling too defeated quite like a relaxing massage, or a brand new pair of shoes. Rewarding yourself does more than just make you feel good. It makes all that hard work and busy schedule tackling seem truly worth it! You don’t have to completely splurge. Even the smallest something can scream, “I appreciate me!” Badasses know their worth!


You know how many loads of laundry I’ve done in the past three weeks? None. That’s right. I haven’t done a single one.  But you know who has? My partner. And thank goodness for him, because he’s helping to make my life a hell of a lot more easy. Just because you’re too swamped to even think about tackling that hamper full of socks that’s needed mating  for a week now, doesn’t mean it can’t get done. A sink of dishes doesn’t have to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Life’s tasks don’t have to go undone. ASK FOR HELP. And don’t you dare feel bad about it.

Seriously though, I get it. You’re tired. I’m tired. We’re all tired. Life isn’t sunshine and daisies and there’s no need to pretend it is. We can however, shield ourselves a bit from the thick of it all and take the proper time and steps to keep our sanity in tact! You’re mind and body will thank you.