A New Adventure


Today, Michael and I celebrate our anniversary. It's the last anniversary we'll celebrate as an un-married couple. Next month, we'll be husband and wife and we'll have a new anniversary to enjoy together. Today though, we celebrate still. We celebrate our beginning; finding each other; falling in love. We celebrate how far we've come. If you only knew how far. We celebrate our struggles and our strength together throughout them all. We celebrate promises kept, devotion, and lessons learned. We celebrate the bond we've created for ourselves, and our family.

Today we also celebrate something else. Something unexpected. Something difficult, yet exciting. Together yesterday, we made a decision to leave our Florida home and create a new one in Northern Virginia. We've accepted an offer that's been extended to Michael to pursue a new career that would change our family's life. Today we celebrate a new chapter.

We're sad to be leaving our family, friends, and all of the people who have helped build us up so high throughout the years; but we'll save the mourning for another day and instead look to the future. Today we celebrate.

Today we celebrate memories; together and apart. We celebrate the city that joined us and the home we created here. We celebrate beer guts and late-night football games. We celebrate long drives stretched across our miles of highways and even the terrible drivers that fill them. We celebrate brunches, bridges, and our favorite hole-in-the-walls. Today we celebrate traditions.

We celebrate all the beautiful people who rallied in our corner- our biggest fans. We celebrate our parents who've made our success in life and our happiness possible (and their top priority.) We celebrate the laughter we've shared with loved ones. It's echoes quite possibly still present in this big city of ours. We celebrate all those who helped shape us here; those whom we confided in and whom offered us the best love and advice. We celebrate the people who supported us; the people who loved us unconditionally. 

Today we celebrate life, all the love that fills our hearts, and a future that looks so bright. 

Today we celebrate a new adventure.

xoxo, Courtney.png