pregnant: twenty-four freaking weeks! holy cow! how is this going so fast?! feeling amazing, but large and in charge. we're having... a girl!!! we've named her emilia (millie for short.) she is constantly on the move and loves to kick! daddy and brother can now officially feel and see her kicks from outside of my belly, and now they can't keep their hands or eyes off!

watching: the walking dead (mikey and I were behind because we couldn't bare to watch what we heard was going to happen), new grey's, and this is us.

craving: pub-subs ever since this video about them started circulating around fb (but, you know that's not possible because, NoVa living) and soooo much fruit.

drinking: water, water, and more water.... (this has yet to change) but I've thrown in the occasional decaf coffee and caffeine-free coke lately.

listening: to seafret, amber run's "for a moment..." album, augustines, and the boxer rebellion's latest singles.

planning: a seriously needed solo vacation with my hubby. birthday stuff. meal plans for the upcoming weeks, and millie's nursery.

wearing: yoga pants. still. but dressing them up with some flowy free people tunics and loose pink blush tops.

feeling: confused by this warm weather, extra sleepy because mikey's work schedule has me all out of whack, and sooooo warm and fuzzy because my sweet friend sent me & my fam the most gorgeous flowers today!

searching for: socks. seriously, how do they all just disappear? 

thinking about: this week's frightened rabbit concert (yay!), my sweet baby girl’s arrival, and my family and friends back home that i miss so dearly.