I very rarely set New Year’s Resolutions, because it’s always been my opinion that we should pursue growth all year long, and not just one time of year. But recently, I’ve found myself longing for more. I’ve been striving to go above and beyond the goals and depths that I’ve previously set for myself. I just want more. I feel like the feeling has come at a wonderful time; almost like a sign that this new year is mine for the taking. 

So, I’ve decided to set big goals for myself in this new year, and let go of all of my previous thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions.

In the new year, I want to be a better parent. I want to be more present. Laugh a little more, and stress a little less. I'd like to show up for more school lunches and forget to sign off on weekly readings a little less. I want to let go, experience more as a family, and stop taking the little moments for granted. I want to play more, and spend more time saying yes than no. I want to be the very best I can be for Ry and our little E on the way (as we have nicknamed him/her.)

I want to work on me more. And I don’t just mean treating myself to a little extra self-care (although I have to do that too!) I want to work on fulfilling myself, and my dreams. I want to give more to my business, build my resume even higher, and let go of that feeling that just because I’m not our family’s top earner, that my work should come second. This year, I’d like to enjoy myself more and fill my days with the things I love. I want to write more down, photograph more, and just get back to the simple things that keep me rooted in happiness. 

In the upcoming year, I’ll strive to be more mindful. I’ll focus more on what’s here and now- and try to let go more often. I want to choose my words and thoughts more wisely, and hopefully continue to influence my children to do the same. I’d like to be more conscious of my actions and how they affect not only my own life, but the life of those around me.

Finally, I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone. This year, I’m taking more risks. I’m investing the big bucks. I’m taking leaps in my business. I want to go with my gut more, and stop living with the underlying fear of failure controlling my decisions. In 2018, fears will not hinder my growth as a person, mother, or businesswoman. I’m going all in. 

This year brought to me more joy and experience than some people see in a lifetime. It was a year for the record books, truly. It brought us to new state and gave us a new home.  We tied the knot, changed careers, and even created a new life in 2017. So, it's a little bittersweet to think that our year has come to the end. But I see so much potential in our years to come, and I want to maximize every opportunity for growth I can.

So, bring it on 2018. I’m coming for you.  


xoxo, Courtney.png