You may have noticed my lack of presence online lately. The truth is, I've spent the last month of my life doing a little soul searching. I've been thinking really deeply about where and who I am, what my goals are, and what kind of value I want to bring to my readers. And I feel I can't bring any value, if I'm not honest.

Last month, I made up my mind that I was going to begin speaking out just a little less about my role as a stepmom. The truth is- my role in life has changed so heavily these past few months and right now, I'm still learning to adjust. My life isn't really so centered around being a stepmom anymore. It's about being a good wife, and role model to a son I share with three other individuals. It's about my new journey in becoming a mother, not only to him- but to the baby I have brewing in my belly. And most importantly I'm really learning lately, it's about working on myself, being present and aware, and growing to become someone I'm happy with.

I love so much receiving the beautiful thank you emails from my fellow stepmom readers. Your love and support means more to me than I can describe, and I feel so thankful to have made an impact on so many people. But in many ways, I feel like relaying so much about the trials and tribulations of my role, has done me a bit of a disservice. When I first started writing, my goals were to inform people and perhaps give others in similar roles a safe space where they too felt they were understood. What I've found though, is by sharing so much about my role as a stepmom- I've diluted myself. And in these moments where I want to expand, I only feel I've backed myself into a corner.

So, you'll see some changes coming soon; in my content and with what I share. I'm growing and I hope you'll grow with me too. Life never stays the same for too long. So, why should I?

I can't wait to begin this new chapter with you!

Love Always,