We Did.

 Photo by:  Fonda Foto Film

Photo by: Fonda Foto Film

Today, we did. Surrounded by our family and closest friends, we said we would. We said we'd set off together. We said we'd venture into the unknown and tackle it all together for life. We joined together and finalized our efforts to become a family after all this time. 

Today I cried. All day. I walked down an aisle to the sounds of Bright Eyes playing in the background, and scanned over the benches filled with the people we love. I came back up that aisle a new woman. 

It's hard to put into words what our wedding day was to me. It was beautiful. It was the wedding I'd never wanted- but somehow the very best day of my life. Michael poked fun, towards the end of the evening as we snuggled into bed.  I'd never even had the desire to have a wedding, yet I whined at the end of the night- sad that it was over. Simply put, it was indeed the best day ever.

I woke up this morning feeling more nervous than I thought I'd be; a bit anxious too. I wandered around my venue silently before everyone else arrived to help set up. I thought about what the evening would be like and what it would be like to call this incredible man my husband, but nothing could have prepared me for how much joy the day would bring me. 

My hands shook nervously, holding my bouquet as I walked to see Michael for our first look. And I broke down when I saw him cry. My voice cracked as I spoke my vows, and my heart flooded with love as I heard Michael's for the first time. 

You think you know how someone loves you. You think you have this idea. But then a day like today, shows you- you have no idea. 

I'll eternally be grateful for the amount of love poured into our day by our family and friends. I'll never forget the little moments shared. 

Today our little family became official. Today we did.