25 Simple Ways to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Day


If there’s one thing I’ve come to learn about being a parent, it’s that it requires a lot of selflessness. That’s something I never really recognized until it directly effected me when I became such a strong figure in Riley’s life. Prior to that, my days revolved around me. I came and went as I pleased, and took care of only myself. My whole life was one big self-care session! The former me was selfish, and that’s okay. I needed to experience that time in my life, otherwise I don’t think I’d be successful at giving all that’s deserved to this little boy and his daddy.

This new role in my life gives me such an incredible appreciation for my own mother. She’s always done it all and done it well- even when she didn’t necessarily believe it. She’s the truest epitome of selflessness. I’m truly fortunate to have had such an incredible example set forth for me.

I think as women, most of us have a deep rooted desire to nurture. Mine was a little deeper down I think than most, but boy did it find me quickly! Now I find myself really striving to be the best partner and mother figure that I can be. But mamas, lets be real- it can be exhausting! And sometimes it’s easy to forget to fulfill our own individual needs that are just so incredibly essential for us to re-charge!

Self-care is a major component in keeping yourself happy and healthy. Women in particular are nearly twice as likely to suffer from major forms of depression than men. Which means we need to love ourselves a little more. That’s why it’s so important that we shift even the smallest bit of focus to ourselves each day, to provide us with the self-care we truly deserve. Incorporating even just a little self-care daily can allow you to respond better to stress, develop better resiliency, and can aid in decompressing- allowing you to avoid that ‘burnt out’ feeling.

Maybe it’s the change in the weather, the fact that I’m now working predominantly from home, or the sometimes redundant feeling of my daily tasks, but I myself have been feeling a little down, and a bit ‘burnt out’ lately. As someone who was diagnosed with depression nearly eight years ago, it’s extremely important for me to do what I can to keep my spirits up and avoid falling into an emotional slump. I’m reminding myself that just a little self-care goes a long way, and that it needs to be a priority for me not just when I’m feeling down, but every day.

So if you too are feeling your focus drift too far from yourself, I’ve compiled a list of 25 Simple Ways to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Day. They’re good for the body, mind, and soul. And they’re just enough to keep your mind at ease.

    1    Soak in a long hot bubble bath.

    2    Set aside some time to read your favorite novel.

    3    Unplug for an hour. Turn off the phone and computer.

    4    Do something you’ve been putting off for a while.

    5    Go for a walk. Take a route you don’t typically go.

    6    Meditate for ten minutes.

    7    Pay yourself a compliment.

    8    Write a journal entry or write creatively.

    9    Complete a random act of kindness.

    10    Get out in nature. Hike a trail or watch the waves on the beach.

    11    Listen to some of your favorite music.

    12    Make a list of things you’re thankful for.

    13    De-clutter one of your personal spaces.

    14    Enjoy a decadent dessert all to yourself.

    15    Sweat! Go for a run or have an intense workout session.

    16    Splurge on you. Get yourself a little something.

    17    Try a yoga class, or do a few calming poses at home.

    18    Vent to someone you care about.

    19    Try a new recipe.

    20    Make a list of short and long-term goals.

    21    Go for a drive.

    22    Take a nap.

    23    Enjoy a cup of coffee or herbal tea.

    24    Get creative! Paint, draw, or start a new DIY project!

    25    Sign up for a new class or activity.


Did you give them a go? Have more self-care ideas? I’d love to hear about your experiences and ideas in the comments below! Until then, you do you mama!