You Can Do It: How to Get Shit Done

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Your ‘to-do’ list is a mile and a half long, but you can’t even muster up the desire to get out of bed; much less put a dent in that list of yours. I’m nearly ashamed to say that this scenario is a genuine everyday occurrence for me. But I’m here to tell you there is hope! Though I can’t offer you a medically sound cure for your case of the lazies, I can offer you some pretty simple solutions to help get your butt in gear! Don’t fret my friend! You too can get shit done!

Get Your Priorities Straight. I think too often we are flooded with thoughts of the millions of things we have to do. It’s overwhelming. Have you ever seen that meme that says, “That moment you have so much to do, that you decide to take a nap instead?” It definitely rings true. If you can’t evaluate and establish what there is to do and what’s most important, all you’ll do is give yourself anxiety.

    •    Make a List. Write down every single thing you need to get done in the day. Now this might freak you out a bit if you start writing down menial things. So stick to the necessities. Stick to what’s important. Chances are you won’t forget to refill the toilet paper roll in the restroom if you’re already cleaning your bathroom. Don’t drown yourself with the worries of tiny tasks.

    •    Eliminate the Unnecessary. If you’re writing things down just for the sake of writing them, you’ll never get anything done. If it’s not necessary for you to do today, don’t do it.

    •    Give Each Task a Numerical Order. What’s most important? What task has the most pressing deadline? What have you just been putting off for too long? Think about what item trumps another, and give it a number.

Get Yo Mind Right. It’s all about the mindset. Is your glass half empty, or half full? What’s that quote? “She turned her ‘can’ts’ into ‘cans’ and her ‘to do’ list into plans…” or something like that. If you go into something with the thought that it’s going to be miserable, guess what? It’s going to be miserable. Instead of saying, “This shit sucks,” try saying, “this shit isn’t so bad.” See? I bet you feel better already!

Schedule it Out. If you go into things without a plan, you’re more likely to give up midway. Try coming up with a schedule of execution, and reward your hard work with small planned breaks. Hell, you can even Bribe Yourself. Promise yourself a treat if you complete a task within a certain amount of time. It will be like a fun little game! If you’re chubby like me, a chocolate bribe should do just fine! Plan to work in little blocks of time (for example; an hour on, fifteen minutes off. )

Distractions Be Gone. This one is the hardest. You can’t exactly get motivated to get out of bed and get moving if you’re stuck on Facebook, now can you? Turn it off. Swipe those distractions off the screen. Turn your phone off. Log out of your email. Turn the notifications off. When you eliminate the distractions, you can without a doubt complete tasks quicker and more efficiently.

Try Some Tunes. Personally, nothing gets me more motivated than blasting some good tunes (Fleetwood Mac and Heart are my personal favorites.) Tune out the world around you, and get to it.

These are just some things that help me get it together. Have more ideas or is there something else that really works for you? Drop a comment below! Until then, happy doing!