The Seven-Day Attitude Adjustment Challenge

It’s become apparent to me that I have an attitude issue. I realized the severity of this problem yesterday during an intimate conversation between Michael and I. As we lie in bed after a truly unnecessary argument, we spoke about some of the current trials occurring in our lives right now. We have a lot going on. Between the stresses of work on both of our ends, finances and saving money, and uncertainty of the future, its safe to say I’m going a little crazy.

I told him just how overwhelmed I was feeling, and that I noticed it didn’t seem as if he was really too worried. He and I have two completely different personalities. He’s calm and collected. He handles all that life throws at him with a smile. A lot of times I feel like the whole world is coming down around me. I know the only reason I feel this way is because I feel this incessant need to hold everything together all of the time. I run rampant. When I told him how I was feeling he looked at me puzzled and told me, “Of course I’m affected. I’m really worried, but I have to keep a level head so I can be strong for you and for Riley. These things that you’re so worried about, aren’t things that we know the answers to right now. There’s going to be uncertainty. There’s no sense eating ourselves up over something we can’t control. In the end its all going to be okay. You just have to tell yourself that. It’s all going to be okay.” And just like that I understood I had a problem. He and I have the same things going on in our lives right now. We’re two people with the same problems, but opposite attitudes.

I have a bad attitude. I’ve allowed myself to cast a negative outlook about everything around me and its inevitably having a major effect on my life. I’ve been allowing myself to swim in an abundance of toxicity, that I myself created. I’ve developed a habit that hinders me from allowing myself to fully enjoy the many positives of my life. I’m a clinger. I’m a stage five negativity clinging Nancy. But I don’t want to be anymore. The negative energy I’m carrying around is only making my life more unpleasant. And because of this bad attitude, every problem that comes my way becomes a much bigger issue than it should. Negativity is consuming me.

So what do you do? What do you do when you know you need an attitude change but you don’t quite know what to do about it? Well I decided to give some positivity a try. If negativity is my issue, I assume the only way to rid myself of the issue is to combat it with positivity. Sometimes you can’t change all the curve balls that life throws at you, but what you can change is your attitude about them.

So I came up with a challenge. The Seven Day Attitude Adjustment Challenge. A week long positivity challenge. Seven days. That’s all it is. Seven days of being positive, appreciating more, and doing more for myself. Each day has an assigned task to better your outlook and mood. I’m really hoping it will be just the kick in the butt I need to change my outlook on things!  I’ll be beginning this challenge on July 31 and would love for you to follow along! Below you’ll find the infographic for the challenge if you’d like to join me. If you’d like to share your journey through the Attitude Adjustment Challenge feel free to use the hashtag #attitudeadjustmentchallenge on Instagram and as always feel free to follow me to keep up with all of the latest from @thefamilymaam



Good luck to all and I can’t wait to hear all about you your week goes! Feel free to leave your comments below to keep me in the loop about all that happens, and how your ‘tude changes!