Another Summer Bites the Dust

Another summer has come and gone in our crazy home. After a week of non-stop back-to-school preparation, I woke early this morning to pack Ry's lunch. We got him dressed, fed, photographed him against his will (can't you tell by his smart-ass grin), and we were out the door. I sat teary-eyed in the carpool line to drop him off on his first day of school.  I felt so proud of his bravery and excitement for the new year despite being at a totally new school, where he essentially knew no one but his teacher.  And I felt sentimental as I reflected on how much he's grown and changed since his first year of primary school. I didn't even birth him and apparently, I'm that 'mom!'

His face reddened; full of embarrassment as we yelled out the window, "I love you! Have a great day!" And he was off.

I laughed aloud to myself during my drive home, remembering the very first time I took him to school. It was just weeks into his start of kindergarten and he bawled the whole ride, screaming, "I wanted my dad to take me!" Nothing breaks you into step-parenthood quite like a tantrum directed at you! Ha! But this morning he sang a different tune, as he instructed dad matter-of-factly, "No, Courtney always makes me oatmeal on school mornings." 

Summer ended more abruptly than I anticipated, and I couldn't help but feel guilty that we hadn't done more. The time seems to pass so quickly and by the time I get grounded- it's time for the next chapter. How on earth has two-thirds of 2017 come to pass?!  

The beginning of this new school year marks a whole lot of new changes, occurring now and still to come. I'm proud of Ry for being so immensely resilient, and I'm so happy he still holds such excitement for learning. I hope that never changes.

Now that I'm done being sappy, I'm off to celebrate my kid-free home (Hallelujah!)

Cheers to the 2017-2018 school year!

xoxo, Courtney.png