Six Must-Have Fragrances for a Scentimental Summer

Oh, summer is nearly upon us. Well, here in Florida it actually started in February, but for the rest of you, its just nearly approaching! I love summer not for the heat waves and tangled hair, but for the sense of nostalgia it brings to me every time I take a walk along the salty beach, or catch a whiff of tanning lotion. Certain scents can really bring you back to another time or place. And that's part of the reason I've become so into fragrances as I've aged.

My love for a good fragrance didn't come until I really reached adulthood. Actually my little sister was perfume obsessed (and I'm pretty sure she still is) and that's kind of where my desire to even use perfume started. I've graduated in the fragrance department from my early Bath & Body Works body spray days, and while I'm no collector or connoisseur, I do love a good fragrance! I'm a big fan of a lot of different scents, but today I thought I'd share with you guys some scents I really love rocking during the summer time. These fragrances are light and breezy, with light floral and earthy notes perfect for summer! Hopefully you can find one you like, that will leave you feeling extra scentimental this season..

1. Raw Spirit Eau de Parfum, Wild Fire

This is probably my number one go-to perfume. Originally picked this little guy up at Anthropologie, but now I save myself a trip and/or shipping by ordering through Amazon Prime. This scent is so natural and nearly impossible to overdo. It's such a simple yet pretty fragrance, and is a big hit for jasmine and ylang ylang lovers. I wear this one nearly everyday and it never disappoints.


2. Maison Martin Margiela 'Replica' Beach Walk

My date night scent, or just when I'm feeling a little bit fancier than usual. I love this perfume mainly because I feel it expands on some of my favorite notes and includes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Coconut Milk, Heliotrope, Musk, Cedarwood, and Benzoin. It's such a fresh and freeing scent, and truly does replicate your favorite beach scent. It reminds me of the many sun kissed walks I've taken down the beautiful beaches of Grand Cayman.

3. Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs Eau De Toilette Spray

Writing this is so hard because not too long ago I called this the 'Basic A** B****' perfume because it seemed like every girl on the planet was wearing it. Well, slap some on my wrist one time and next thing you know, I'm a 'B.A.B' too. I'll wear the title proud because this perfume has really become one of my regular staples, and it's also my man's favorite of the bunch. Now excuse me while I go put my foot in my mouth. Ha!

4. Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Perfume

Seriously guys, this perfume smells soooo good and is soooo inexpensive! This is my favorite when I want to go more floral and less earthy with my scent. Plus it's vegan and cruelty-free, so heyyyy.

5. Holland Park - Royal Apothic Mini Eau de Parfum

I picked up a bottle of this a few years ago in Asheville and have been hooked ever since. Another really pretty floral scent with notes of Lemon, Magnolia, and Peach, middle notes of Jasmine, Orange Blossom, and Lily of the Valley, over a base of powdery White Musk. I get compliments every single time I'm wearing this one!

6. Kate Spade Live Colorfully Eau de Parfum

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a Kate Spade junkie. Michael can attest to this as he's been suckered into purchasing me many the Kate Spade watch. I love this Live Colorfully fragrance because it smells so sweet! It has a coconut water base (perfect for summer) and has the prettiest combination of Mandarin, Pink Water Lily, Star Anise, Golden Gardenia, Tiaré Flower, Sheer Amber, Musk, and Tahitian Vanilla notes.


To top it all off, these scents have all seemed to pass my skin's pesky test. As someone who suffers from extremely sensitive skin, it's very rare that I can find scents and skincare products that don't cause me irritation. These ones though, I'm keeping around!

To shop each scent you can click on each representing photo for a link!

I'd love to know what some of your favorite fragrances are! Leave a comment below and give me some new ideas, or tell me your thoughts on some of these scents! I can't wait to hear from you! 

Happy Summer friends!