Hey! I'm Courtney!


It's me you'll find behind the keyboard! I'm a full-time writer and digital content creator, wife, custodial step-mom, and mama-to-be. In the past two-and-a-half years, I've rearranged my life and my priorities. I've built a life around my family, built my own business from the ground up, and now spend my days figuring out how to juggle it all!

From my profession to my hobbies, you'll always find me in my creative element. I'm a photographer, avid reader, and Top-Chef-wanna-be. I like to spend my free time creating. It's important for me to live a stimulating life- and that's the reason I do what I do. 

It's my passion for creativity, motherhood, and family that drove me to create this blog. My hopes are that it can be a source of warmth, relatability, and inspiration for women and mothers of all kinds.  

Thank you with connecting with me and taking the time to enjoy our life's moments. Have a story you'd like to authentically share or want to get in touch? Contact me here.

Or have a little sneak-preview into my life below:


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