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Thrive Market Review on The Family Ma'am: All about my incredible experience with this amazing organics company.

Last week I was bored and fooling around on the computer for a bit, trying to clean up some of my email subscriptions, when one of my weekly emails popped up for Thrive Market. I’d signed up to be a part of their email list a long time ago but somehow never got around to ordering.

Thrive Market is a company that offers organic, paleo, gluten-free, non-gmo, raw, and vegan food, along with natural and nontoxic products—all at wholesale prices. AND they are completely web-based so it’s as easy as pulling up the website, adding items to your cart and purchasing! In a few short days they will arrive at your door! Thrive offers it’s awesome products at up to 50% off of normal retail prices, making health consciousness affordable!

I work really hard to make sure that we lead a healthy lifestyle in our home. I keep a close eye on things like sugar content and try to stray away from buying foods with artificial ingredients. Everyday, Michael and I set a precedent for Riley’s future. If we fill him full of foods that have no nutritional value, he’ll be more inclined to reach for the wrong things, or fill up on food when he isn’t actually hungry. Obesity is a problem that’s been pretty prevalent in my family, so it’s made me really conscious of what kind of things I put in my body. While Michael and Riley don’t have those same genes and will probably never have to worry about becoming obese, theres nothing wrong with keeping them healthy. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about supplying my home with healthy, natural, nutritional foods; its that it’s not cheap! That’s why I’m so excited to finally be a Thrive Market member!

Becoming a member with Thrive Market is not unlike joining at your local BJ’s or Costco store. It is a paid membership program, meaning there is a yearly membership fee. The membership fee is $59.95 to grant you a year of full access to discount health food and natural products, and with every paid membership Thrive Market will gift one free membership to a low-income family. Not sure if it’s worth the $59.95? Here’s my experience with Thrive Market:

What I ordered:

I ordered ten items and several items I bought in multiples, which left me with a total of 15 products. Several things I bought were items I typically bought already on a regular basis, but I was surprised to find many new options on the website and decided to give a few of them a go! Below is a list of items I purchased.

10 items
Plum Organics Organic Fruit Mashups Squeezeable Fruit, Mixed Berry 4 $2.65
Terra Chips Sweet Potato Sea Salt Chips – Crinkles 1 $3.15
Nature’s Bakery Stone Ground Whole Wheat Blueberry Fig Bars 1 $7.45
Nature`s All Foods Organic Freeze Dried Apples 1 $4.95
Nature`s All Foods Organic Freeze Dried Strawberry 1 $4.45
Angie’s Boomchickapop White Cheddar Popcorn 1 $2.95
Earth Balance Creamy Coconut & Peanut Butter Spread 1 $4.95
Ruby Rockets Beam Me Up Berry Non-Dairy Yogurt 1 $3.65
Annie’s Homegrown Organic Shells & White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese 2 $2.25
Annie’s Homegrown Shells and Real Aged Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese 2 $1.95
Subtotal $50.55
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Discount (Free Shipping over $49, fatburninggift) -$10.11
Grand Total $40.44

Buying and Receiving my Package:

My subtotal came to a measly $50 and I was surprised to find that Thrive Market offers free shipping on all orders over $49 all of the time, which I qualified for. Not only do they offer free shipping, but they also give you a 15% off coupon code towards your first purchase. Making my grand total only $40.44! I placed my order on a Sunday evening and promptly received it Thursday afternoon. This did feel like a bit of a lifetime because I’m so spoiled with Amazon Prime, but in terms of free shipping, four days isn’t bad at all! Thrive has outdone themselves with their packaging, as it is absolutely beautiful and of course is lined with PAPERplus® eco friendly packing material! I’m also happy to report that we had no spills or any damaged product of any sort!

Thrive Market Review on The Family Ma'am: All about my incredible experience with this amazing organics company.


All in all, I’m looking forward to ordering with this company again. Grocery shopping is often a feat for me because the only time I have readily available for it are my off days, and my only off days I have Riley. So a trip to the grocery store, is never just a simple trip to the grocery store. I love that I now have the option to order natural, organic, and healthy options for my family all at the click of a button- and that I’m saving money too! I highly recommend trying them out! Tap on the image below to give Thrive Market a go with their FREE 30 DAY TRIAL and use the code fatburninggift to redeem 20% off your first order.


Thrive Market

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