Riley’s Gone Back to School!

back to school reflections

Summer came and went quickly it seems this year. Just as Riley and I were getting used to our routine together, summer came to a close. This was my first year being involved in the back to school routine and with no children of my own, I didn’t quite know exactly what to expect.

Sunday evening I spent the majority of the second half of my day doing last minute preparations for Riley’s first day of school. Stacks of parent contact forms, and health screening requests consumed my kitchen table. I rounded up all of the school supplies I purchased earlier on in the week, and divided a weeks worth of snacks and lunch box ingredients into individual baggies. If you took a peek inside of our fridge you’d think my home was a fruit pouch warehouse.

He was so excited for school to start. The previous Friday we’d filed into his new teacher’s classroom for his back to school orientation. The whole time he exclaimed, “I just can’t stop smiling!” It’s so refreshing to see him so enthused about school. I know soon enough his desire to go will fade. I’m soaking up the enthusiasm while I can! We really enjoyed his new teacher and felt she would be a good fit for him. She seems to be just the right amount of nurturing without the coddling, seems to have realistic expectations, and has a good sense of humor as well. I look forward to seeing more of her throughout the year.

We had a special surprise for him during the day Sunday! To celebrate his very last day of summer break, we took him to the waterpark for the day. As it turns out, it was the best thing we could have done to wear him out enough so that he didn’t give us problems at bed time! Score!

That evening he hurried into bed, ready for the new day to come. We woke up yesterday morning wide-eyed and ready. His school recently made the switch to a mandatory uniform dress code and I know he felt so handsome and official in his new clothes. I’d made him a “First Day of School” sign a few weeks ago so that we could routinely snag photos of him with it each year. A six-dollar framed slate chalkboard and some chalk pens did the trick! Normally my intent for crafts is a lot better than my execution of them, but I was quite pleased with the turnout of this one!

Riley Goes Back to School!

I was worried that because it was so early in the morning I’d have trouble really snapping any good pictures of him. A sleepy child often means a cranky child in our household. How can I blame anyone though, I’m sometimes the same way! Luckily he was so excited he didn’t have a care in the world! He’s such a photo ham! We ate some breakfast together, got all of his things in the car and we were off!

It really was bittersweet to walk him into his classroom and have to turn around and leave. I mean it’s not exactly like this is his first year of school, but I stayed home with him the whole summer. It was like someone was taking my baby away! He walked into the classroom and found his name on his new desk all by himself like such a big boy! He was happy as can be and I wandered off, inquisitive as to what I’d do with all of my extra free time the remainder of the school day! Ha!

He came home so elated about his first day of school, so all around I’d say the first day back was definitely a success! I’m totally stoked that I get to be a part of his life and experience just how much he learns and grows as time goes by. He’s so smart and is going big places one day! I’m so happy I get to witness it all!

Riley Goes Back to school!

I hope your back to school experience ran as smoothly as ours did! I’d love to hear your stories in the comment section below!


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