Football is Back!

Football is Back!

Football is finally back and we couldn’t be happier! Yesterday was the first game day of the season and we spent it (of course) cheering on our home team! It’s our first year as season ticket-holders, so we’re really excited for the season. What’s even better is that our closest friends were able to snag season tickets in the row right behind us, so now Sundays it’s on!

I will say, I’ll be a bit happier when we live in a state that’s a bit cooler during afternoon football games. I don’t think words can quite express how hot it was yesterday. One o’clock is pretty much sauna hour in Florida. However, the Jags (being that they’re the Jags) won’t exactly be playing prime-time games, so we have one-o’clock games to look forward to the entire season! We’ll have to come up with some creative ways to stay cool for these first few months until the weather simmers down .

Football means a lot more to me than it used to. My relationship with Michael began with late nights cozied up arguing over which team would win. He’d almost always side against me.  I’d sneak over after a long day of studying for my board exam and we’d cuddle up on the couch and bicker away. Now football season will always be my favorite season.

A lot has changed since then. Now every other Sunday, we’re at the game together cheering for the same side. We share our home together, so now after a long day it’s him I come home to. And every single morning I wake up with a smile on my face as this incredible man kisses me goodbye.

Thanks football season.

Football is Back!

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