Buh-Bye Kindergarten!

Hello First Grader

Today marks Riley’s final day in kindergarten. Three days ago we were filing into his school’s multipurpose room to watch him walk across the stage, shake his teachers’ hands and photograph him holding his certificate of completion. Our kindergartner was of course one of the only children who wasn’t dressed up for his big day (we’d finally given up that morning after a twenty minute clothing battle.) But he graduated nonetheless. Today he’s done. Just as Michael was dropping him off, I was nearly picking him up. Whats a last day of school if more than three hours?

The day in general has me feeling quite wistful. One school year I’ve been a part of his life and looking back on the progress he’s made since day one- to say I’m proud would be a tremendous understatement. Last September he was just a bright eyed little boy who was still learning his ABC’s. Today he can read and write those same ABC’s. He can recognize each letter’s phoneme and is sufficiently using that knowledge to read and write. He can count to nearly one thousand, to one-hundred by various groupings, and can complete most simple addition and subtraction problems twenty and below. All in one school year.

Now summer has come and I’m happy to announce that I’ve made the decision to take more time away from the salon to stay home with him throughout the summer. I’m excited for the one-on-one time I’l have with him and am excited to expand on all of the teachings he’s received throughout the school year to better prepare him for the first grade. In our last parent/teacher conference, Riley’s teachers suggested to us a wonderful summer learning activity book called Summer Bridge Activities. The book is filled with a whole summers worth of activities for kids to continue practicing all the things they learned in the previous school year, so as not to lose the information. Being the overachiever I am, I decided to extend the concept to a whole summer program of learning and fun. I’ve spent the past four weeks writing and developing a really enjoyable summer learning curriculum for him focusing on all of the topics he has learned, and everything he will be learning in the school year to come. About ten-thousand worksheets later, and four-hundred dollars spent converting our third bedroom into a learning room for him, and we are ready to go! I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity to stay home with him and so immensely glad I get to continue to watch him grow. Stay tuned for all of the Family Ma’am Summer Camp updates!

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